A Feeble Attempt at Poetry

The world says…
I want what they have.

We say, you can’t want what we have…
…until you want what we want.

So look to the cross to see why we want it.

Then you will want we want…
… so you will have what we have.

The redeemed say…
How blessed are the feet.

A Christian is happy… why?

  1. Their good things can’t be taken away – Romans 8:38-39
  2. Their bad things work out for good – Romans 8:28
  3. The best is yet to come – Phil 1:21-23

Jonathan Edwards


3 thoughts on “A Feeble Attempt at Poetry

  1. Hey Richard, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all your blogs from the beginning to this point. Thank you for being so vulnerable and transparent in sharing your journey. About 12 years ago on my journey, I had a similar revelation that has changed me forever. I think you have expressed your experiences and your musings very articulately. You needn’t apologize for anything in my books! It’s great you are blogging all this, because at some point, the compilation of posts would make a great book. Oh, I’d be curious to know if you have read, “Ragamuffin Gospel” by Brennan Manning? Highly recommend this!

    • Thanks Joanne, I haven’t read that but I will definitely put it on the list.

      I will have to pull myself away from THE book to do that though. That will be hard for me right now, because I finally know how to read it, and now I finally CAN read it, and so of course I want to read THE book. Praise God… He finally got through to me.

      And speaking of writing a book… My good friend Dan Knorr that I am so thankful to God for always said he was going to write a book called “Every Christian writes a book”. And that’s profound.

      And since you said this, I realized I am writing book (or rather God is writing a book through me) and it has a name, and chapters, and a preface and a prologue, and I know what they all are, and this morning I wrote the outline. It’s amazing what God can do, when you realize you have nothing to offer God.

      I am so blessed. So blessed it’s almost a curse…


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