3 Questions Worth Asking… for the Rest of Your Life

I feel that if I was to pass from this earth today, and could leave one thing behind for my family and friends to discover, it’s to ask these 3 questions. For the rest of your life, until you find the answers, never stop asking these questions. And once you find the answers somewhere, be who you are, and then go somewhere else so you can keep asking them. Let these 3 questions, only 9 words, change your life:

Who is God?
Where is Christ?
Who am I?

Asking these 3 questions, in this order, of every text I encounter in the Bible, has helped me make sense some of the most difficult passages of scripture. When I stopped asking “Where am I” and started seeking Christ, and looking for Him… an amazing thing started to happen:

I started to find him…

And instead of asking, “What should I do?”, asking the question “Who am I?” settles so much. To quote a pillar of faith in my church family, Norm Sawyer:

“You are not a human DOing, you are a human BEing.”

So who are you? If you can settle who you are, then answering the question of what you are to do… becomes so very easy.

I have been asking these 4 questions for last month or so, and rather than getting tired of them, I am getting more and more excited to ask them of everything:

The Bible:
I want to take some posts to show that asking these questions of hard hard passages, settles so much, and keeps us from the periphery of unfruitful controversy over scripture. (Now there is such as thing as fruitful controversy… but that’s a different post)

Where I am today:
If you can settle these 3 questions in your life, today. It becomes easy to answer the question, “what should I do today?”. But most of us wake up asking that question. If the other 3 aren’t settled, then this question will never have a satisfying answer.

Arts and Music:
I can’t ever stop asking these questions of movies and shows and songs. It has become my obsession. (And ask anyone who knows me, I have a very obsessive personality.) I can’t stop seeing Christ in music and songs and poetry and fables. I can’t wait to share some of my discoveries of Christ in the music of the world. You have already seen some of that from me. One of my favorites? Ask these 3 questions of Humpty Dumpty. You won’t be disappointed.

I say this with complete honesty from the depths of my heart and soul. I want to ask these 3 questions for the rest of my life. I have a pretty amazing revelation of who I am… so I challenge you…

WHO are YOU?

Heavenly Father,
My prayer for today, and my prayer for tomorrow, is that you would awaken your church, your beloved people to see who they are, and to be your witness in the earth. Open our eyes to see who you have made us. Give us the desire to seek you, that we may give out of the abundance of peace, joy, hope and love that you pour out freely on your church. Cause your people to be beautiful to the world, that your name might be known. Awaken us from our slumber, as the world is crying out for help.


One thought on “3 Questions Worth Asking… for the Rest of Your Life

  1. If anyone has heard these 3 questions arranged like this before… please let me know! I would love to give God credit for giving them to someone else first. These questions are so powerful, when asked in this sequence, I must have heard it from someone, so if it was you, please let me know so I can give Glory to God for you!!!!

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