His Mercies are New Every Morning!

All the books in the world couldn’t contain what he has done, because everything in this world is a result of God’s grace through Christ Jesus.

I am flabbergasted by how much God is doing in my life. There are 2 reasons whyI don’t post 3 times a day:

  1. Because I don’t want to annoy people with too many posts…
  2. And God is doing so much in the day, He often doesn’t allow me the time to sit down and write it all out!

Which at one point was starting to really bother me…

Why God? Why don’t I even have time to write down everything you are doing?

How will I remember?

Will I forget?


I don’t want to forget these amazing things, like my 4 year old daughter’s prophecy of edification to my adopted brother’s testimony:

William: It’s amazing how God gave me the opportunity to know him by dropping me in a Christian family that didn’t preach to me, but lived with me and brought me into their lives, which eventually brought me into Christ. I don’t know why I got this grace! (Richard’s paraphrase)

Kaelynn: “Uncle William! Your handsome! I knew that was going to happen in you!”

What 4 year old says that? Does she even know what she said? What grace! What mercies! She wasn’t even really listening, but all of a sudden… overflow!


His mercies can come through a book… why did I even buy this book? I don’t know… I just did… why did I open it today of all days? After you had been showing me all of this? I couldn’t even think of a better way to confirm what is happening in me, than watching someone else who has gone through such a parallel journey in God that I find myself on! Amazing!


A friend… a dinner… a babysitter… all a free gift. She didn’t know that we were having a very anxious day. She didn’t know that we prayed for peace, and trusted God to deliver it. She didn’t know that what we need right now is time to work, to help out our friend who is sick. But someone did.

HIS mercies are NEW, EVERY morning.

Wow, now I get it God…. I would never be able to blog about all the gifts you give me, because every day you find new ways to show your mercy. No harddrive could contain it all! And I know what a terabyte is! Now I get it. SURELY goodness and mercy will follow me ALL the days of my life. This is Romans 8:28 in action. God allows pain, so that God can heal.

And we get to thank.


Eu CHARIS teo.

Grace is literally embedded in giving thanks.

Phil 1:3
1 Cor 1:4
1 Thess 1:2

I thank God for you…



Amazing Grace.

This is music to my ears.


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