Love your neighbour as… yourself?

How do I love myself?

I seek my own happiness.

That is the fundamental state of the human heart… We are seeking:

Seeking joy
Seeking peace
Seeking justification

Wanted is love

This can only be found in the first commandment… Love God with all your heart soul and mind.

This is where I had it profoundly wrong…

I thought it was SERVE God with all your heart soul and mind. What a destructive irony, to lift service above love.

To love him and be satisfied in His love alone… that has a name:


And how can we love God unless we can trust that he first loved us?


And how will we find that love apart from God moving in the world?


And how will we love Him unless we are told of His grace?


And how will we know that He has loved us apart from his greatest gift?


This is the order of Salvation for everyone alive today who is found in Christ:

Solo Christo
Sola Scriptura
Sola Gratia
Sola Fide
Soli Deo Gloria

Christ -> Gospel -> Grace -> Faith -> Glory

Are we ashamed of the Gospel church? Are we ungrateful (ingrates) for the gift of salvation we have received? Did we deserve this?

Here is some precious profundity to ponder:

Person: How is it going?
Christian: Better than I deserve!
Person: What do you mean?
Christian: Gospel…

And the salvation road had just taken its first step…

Do we trust God enough to preach the Gospel with our WORDS? And not just our actions?

Where is Christ?

If He is in us…
The church…
And He is…
Lets talk like it!

I am not ashamed of the GOSPEL for the GOSPEL is the POWER of GOD unto SALVATION!

Covey says, you can’t fully understand something, until you do the hard work of teaching it to someone else.

I say, you can’t fully trust in Someone, until you do the hard work of preaching Him to someone else.

Why do you trust in Jesus?
Do you trust in Jesus?
Are you found in Christ?
Who are you?

Ask… and you shall receive.


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