What Are You Going to do About the Jesus Problem?

The Jesus Problem.

So this guy is born in the middle of nowhere, to a couple of nobodies, who have nothing.
He builds tables and chairs for 30 years. Nice guy right?
Not really.

For the next 3 years, He walks around claiming to be God, forgiving sins, judging people, calling out the most religious people ever as horrible, wretched and evil, and sets impossible standards to live up to. All the while telling His followers He is going to die and rise again. History also claims that He rebukes frightening storms like little children, feeds thousands on one bag lunch, performs exorcisms, and raises people from the dead. Oh and He was pretty much the smartest guy you ever met. Witty doesn’t even begin to do justice to how masterfully Jesus confounded the smartest people around.

Then He dies…

He is killed in the most humiliating, unfair, and painful way imaginable.

And 3 days later, His followers claim He rose again and appeared to hundreds of people.

Then all of His closest followers all take this claim to their painful martyr’s deaths.

Now almost 2000 years later, there are almost 2 billion people who label themselves as “Christ-ian”.

Now that you have read this… you have a problem. What are you going to think about the most influential person to ever live? He claims that all who reject Him, reject God. Thus ignoring the most important truth in the universe.

Whatever your answer is… there is one thing you can’t do:

You can’t “like” Jesus.

Noone who really encountered this person ever “liked” Him… thought He was pretty cool.

They either ignored him altogether, because they couldn’t handle Him,
They tried to kill him, because they hated Him and found him dangerous to their way of life,


They fell down and worshiped Him as the radiance of God’s glory.

So what are you going to do about the Jesus problem?


5 thoughts on “What Are You Going to do About the Jesus Problem?

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  2. Hi Richard, loved this post. I sometimes come across students who remain ‘safe’ with the gospel and ‘safe’ with the ‘historical’ Jesus. I mean, they chose to remain neutral…not deciding to follow…and not turning back towards their old lives…just indifferent. But, when confronted with “The Jesus Problem”, we are forced to make a decision about how this reality will affect and effect us… Unfortunately, I’m not sure that neutral works in terms of eternity…
    Keep up the great thoughts! Paul

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