Is Jesus the Centre of Your Universe?

IS Jesus the centre of your universe?

Is He your defining principle, your main identity, your reason for living, what gets you out of the bed in the morning, your constant daydream, your every fantasy.

Is He your Lord, Savior and Treasure?

Because Jesus IS

…the centre of the universe.

Jesus IS the word of the power of God by which God spoke all things into being.

Jesus IS the radiance of God’s glory… The warmth and presence of God that extends from the source to manifest worlds, and God incarnate breaking into this world.

Jesus IS why this world was made, as all things were from Him and to Him and for Him.

Jesus IS the logos, the divine animating principle behind the world.

Jesus IS joy everlasting, peace beyond understanding, because of His righteousness imputed to sinners.

He is.

He is…

He IS!

Jesus IS the one who said believe in me, come to me, follow me, sell everything and die for me, for in me is life.

He IS the way
He is THE truth
He is the LIFE

So if He is not the centre of my universe…

Then I am living in my own universe…

John 18:6


Two Very Different Commandments

I never really noticed how radically different the two commandments are.

Love God with everything you are.
Love your neighbour as yourself.

Now the second is impossible… And the first seems irrational.


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What Are You Going to do About the Jesus Problem?

The Jesus Problem.

So this guy is born in the middle of nowhere, to a couple of nobodies, who have nothing.
He builds tables and chairs for 30 years. Nice guy right?
Not really.

For the next 3 years, He walks around claiming to be God, forgiving sins, judging people, calling out the most religious people ever as horrible, wretched and evil, and sets impossible standards to live up to. All the while telling His followers He is going to die and rise again. History also claims that He rebukes frightening storms like little children, feeds thousands on one bag lunch, performs exorcisms, and raises people from the dead. Oh and He was pretty much the smartest guy you ever met. Witty doesn’t even begin to do justice to how masterfully Jesus confounded the smartest people around.

Then He dies…

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What on Earth is the Point of it All? – An Apology

Praise God for correction. I need to apologize for recent post, that had a title that went a little too far. In wanting the shock factor, I think I definitely strayed into Romans 14:13 territory, and probably a little farther. I am so thankful for co-laborers to come along side and gently commend and correct. This dear friend preferred to remain to nameless, but his point was this:

My small point is that you do yourself and the Truth a disservice and provide an unnecessary distraction by using language considered profane. You gain nothing and probably lose some respect for the amazing Truth of the Glorious Gospel of Christ. … Our “cursing” is not in the language of the Bible. Hell is a serious Biblical topic. Society uses the same word as a profanity. – A very wise friend

Absolutely right. I appreciate this correction and can confirm that something didn’t feel quite right in my conscience when typing those words. The ultimate purpose of our words should be to glorify THE Word which this post was all about, so I want to ask my readers for forgiveness.

I will repost this here, under a new title:

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Give me anything in this world… and I will give you Jesus

Give me pain… I will show you the One who hurt
Give me joy… I will show you the Fountain
Give me beauty… I will show you it’s Author
Give me weakness… I will show you the One who strengthens
Give me loneliness… I will show you the One who will never leave you
Give me pride… I will show you the One who gave you everything
Give me sin… I will show you the Saviour
Give me death… I will show you the One who died
Give me food… I will show you the Bread of life
Give me want… I will show the One to desire
Give me children… I will show you the Father
Give me marriage… I will show you the BrideGroom
Give me storms… I will show you the One who said “Be Still”
Give me lost sheep… I will show you the Good Shepherd who seeks
Give me broken hearts… I will show you the One who heals
Give me greed… I will show you a Treasure beyond compare
Give me addiction… I will show you the only One that satisfies
Give me meaninglessness… I will show you the Logos

Give me questions… I will introduce you to the answer…

His name is Jesus, and He is the Truth, and He loves you, and He has proven it.

So like Gideon did… lay out your fleece… there is no question you have that isn’t answered in Him. Challenge Him. I am assured of one thing. He is up to the challenge, and His Spirit, and His Bride say come.

My Testimony to Christ’s Grace for this Depraved Soul – Part 3

I finished my last post with the idea that God chose me to hear the Gospel. Now here I have to state with absolute force and clarity, that I am not implying that I had anything of any worth, that allowed this to happen. I did not deserve it whatsoever. I am a reluctant, sin-addicted, self-righteous, self-saving, procrastinating, nasty, angry person. Which by the way, is the only thing that qualifies you for the Kingdom of Heaven. Poor in spirit? Yes. In fact… spiritually bankrupt about sums me up, that was my condition.

And so when I said that God chose me, the only response I can have, is thank you God, that you would pick me, totally depraved me, to bestow your grace and mercy on.

And I feel that at this point I need to apologize for the sin of self-righteousness that is still in my flesh. I have been too quick to jump back into my own sin of self-right-ness: “That I am right and that is good, and you wrong and that is bad.” I give thanks to God, for those He has put in my life to caution and correct me. Lord forgive me… Lord help me… Lord teach me to point to you light ever more graciously. Forgive me for trusting too much in “isms.”

But there is one thing that I won’t stop preaching, cant stop preaching and refuse to stop preaching.

And that is this:

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