The Kingdom Matrix

Jesus said: I am the way the truth and the life, no-one comes to the Father except by me.
Paul said the Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.
Paul also said these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Way, Truth, Life
Righteousness, Peace, Joy
Faith, Hope, Love

How are these things connected? These are quite the set of lists… How about this?

Screenshot 2013-05-26 3:24 PM-3

Jesus is the only way to righteousness, and we are connected to that free gift of Grace through faith.
You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. Freedom 55 (Retirment Planning)? How about freedom through eternal peace with God. That is quite a hope!
Isn’t life the greatest joy! And once we have a joy that is unshakeable, we are set free to love.

Thus meeting Jesus leads to the commandments:

Love God with every fibre of who you are. Delight and trust and abide in Him.
Seek others happiness with the fervour and creativity that you seek your own.

Because, the difference between God’s kingdom and the kingdoms of this world, is our king doesn’t need us, but graciously invites Him into what He is already doing in the world. Christ serves His kingdom and his world and then we get to join in service with Him with his power when He brings us into the kingdom.

I love the Bible… there is no greater intellectual challenge than the Jesus Problem. What are you going to do about Him?

Interesting side note: I made this diagram on Sunday, then on Monday I watched this:

The Gospel Coalition: Did Jesus Preach the Gospel?

I am blown away almost every day, by how God always brings in confirmation of what I am learning.


The 3 Things Everyone Wants that Only Christians Have

Seek ye first the kingdom!

Jesus said seek and you will find. We are to seek the kingdom of God.

So what is the kingdom? It’s not what we get to have for dinner tonight, or what were allowed to drink or not drink. It is…

Righteousness (Confidence)
Peace (Security)
Joy (Buoyancy)

The kingdom is a place of deep unshakeable happiness! And what is very interesting is that these three things are that which everyone is already seeking. Let’s see how:

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My Testimony to Christ’s Grace – Part 4

So I am realizing that I need to add another chapter to what has been happening to me recently, and again as I often have to do, it needs to start with an apology. I have been very passionate lately, which is a good thing, but my passion has caused me to be a little too confrontational and forceful, which can be a bad thing. So I need to apologize to those whom I have pushed too far, and those that I have hurt.

The other thing I need to repent of is casting who I was before this experience of “gospel renewal” (Of course I have to use a Keller-ism) in such a negative light. This has caused many people offence, which was not my intent. I have made too much of a trifle out of the journey of walking amongst believers who have upheld me through some very difficult and dark times in my life, and for that I am sorrowful. So I again ask for forgiveness from those who’s faithful love towards me has sustained me through many dry times.

I am so grateful for my amazing wife Chelsea who has stuck with me through thick and thin, my family who has always been there for me, and my church Kelowna Christian Center for caring for my mind and soul.

So enough talking about who I was, because to be honest, I have no idea who I was…

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